Our Story

Oasis Found is the creation of Sophia and Ben's desire to share their globally sourced, handmade products. Each piece has a beautiful story and is designed in collaboration with co-operatives and artisans. The pieces all speak for themselves of the highest quality and authenticity. This attention to detail and celebration of handmade crafts can be hard to find in today's world, giving Oasis Found a special touch.



Sophia and Ben source and work along side these talented artisans, who all have unique specialties, producing the finest goods. A strong focus on self expression, chic designs and personal details have made every piece uniquely individual. Oasis Found products come from a range of locations, from High Atlas wools, to natural dyes derived from local flora all contribute to a product that is unique to it’s locale.



Sourcing ethically and sustainably is a integral part of Oasis Founds ethos, to ensure they are sharing something that is rewarding and exciting for everyone involved. Many of the traditional techniques used to create Oasis Founds products are sacred and past down through generations. These skills identify the people who make these creations which are now available to you, to keep and use as everyday art, with no one piece ever the same. 

For more information about Oasis Founds product, please head to the Product History Page.